1920s Dress
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One hundred dresses from 1920-1929
 as seen in pattern company magazines: Delineator, Designer, and McCall's.
See the front and back views and all descriptions as they appear in the original source.

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Click on the year at the left to see the ten featured dresses.

Also, each year has a specific dressmaking lesson, click the links at the right.


See ten marvelous examples of the low and large waistline from this year.

From the very first issue of Fashion Service Magazine is this article on how to make a "Waist-Line Dress"
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Straight lines and wide sleeves accented with skirt draperies in the ten examples shown here.

Fashion Service Magazine gives us a clear description of how to make a dainty "Straight-Line Dress"
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Ten dresses featuring fly-away panels and tunic lines, plus plenty of embroidery.

"Becomingness" and "Absolute Freshness" are two features of these "Home Dresses" from Fashion Service Magazine.
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Featuring Egyptian and Medieval influences, these ten dresses will fascinate.

Among the many varieties in style of dress is this "Basque Dress" described in this Fashion Service Magazine article.
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As the belt disappears, we see the straight line put to "ease" with plaits and godets in ten examples from this year.

See how to make a dress from two straight lengths of material from "Draping and Designing With Scissors and Cloth" .
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Ten dresses prove "the low waistline is smart, but no waistline is smarter". Flares and godets start to soften the line.

Read about "Fitting the Muslin Model" from Fashion Service Magazine.
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Soft fullness in shirring and smocking are popular. Skirts show the first signs of shortening in ten dresses from this year.

Another Fashion Service Magazine lesson showing how to drape an evening gown.
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In these ten dresses we see the shortest skirts. To make up for their brevity they become more full and fanciful.

Do "double duty" with a reversible coat in this Fashion Service Magazine lesson.
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Formality, elegance, and femininity with a new attention to detail in these ten dresses.

You decide if it's really "magic" or not. Fashion Service Magazine provides a lesson on Draping a Magic Dance Frock
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Ten dresses featuring the more complex cut and the dropping hemline.

"Creating Illusions of Slenderness", an article from Fashion Service magazine, has some very useful information.
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